Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I absolutely LOVED Sydney. I was excited about going but definitely underestimated how beautiful and fun it would be. Even going with the flu didn't take away from the wonderful city.

 I never got over the amazingness of the Sydney Harbor Bridge!! The first night we were there we took a ferry to Manly Beach and got to see the sunset behind the bridge. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Monday we biked over the bridge which was equally awesome. I would go back just to see it again.

 Favorite part of the trip... biking through the rocks, over the bridge, through the botanical garden, riding up to the the opera house. I just love riding bikes and doing it in a wonderful city made it better.

The other big thing was the Opera House. It was really pretty too but I still think the bridge is my favorite. We ended up going inside for about 5 seconds before we got kicked out.... whoops. But now we can say we have been inside:)
Shocking part of the trip...this is the Kirribilli House where the Prime Minister of Australia lives. So the shocking part was that there was only two security guards. That would never fly in America. We talked to the guards about how there are so many more guards with the president at all times and they said "Well we keep it pretty low key in Australia." I guess the "no worries" attitude even goes with the government. What a trusting country.   

There was no way we were going to Sydney without visiting the Olympic Park. It was so fun walking around and reading all about the different events. We were able to see the plaques of the medalist in the base of the cauldron. I think we spent 30 minutes walking up and down the line of plaques looking for America. The US definitely dominated basketball and track in 2000. 

Freakiest part of the trip... we were walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens and look up and we see BATS! HUGE, UGLY, AWAKE BATS. There were sooo many of them and way larger than any I have seen in Texas. 

So there are a few highlights from one of the most wonderful places in the World. 

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  1. Wow!! Abby! This is awesome. I am most def living vicariously through you. hehe