Monday, August 15, 2011

New Roommate. New Adventures.

 This is our wonderful, new housemate Melanie. She arrived in Melbourne Saturday morning around 11. We spent the day finding her furniture and showing her around town. She is a coffee drinker which means we will most definitely get along!

Saturday night we decided to check a few things off of Bec's Top Ten list. Lygon Street is a very popular street in downtown Melbourne. There are tons of great Italian and Greek restaurants. A  man stands outside of each restaurants and tries to get you to choose theirs by making you offers on cheaper food and drinks.  

 The first place we walked up to a man stopped us by saying ,"Ladies, let me tell you what we have to offer. It's the best deal you can get."(so typical) He sold us when he said free bread and free wine. Everything is so expensive here so that was an excellent deal! The food was wonderful and the conversation was great. It was definitely an experience.

After dinner we went to the Sofitel Hotel. The best, free view of the city is through a window in the bathroom on floor 35. It was absolutely amazing. When some of y'all come to see me, we must go see the view! Who knew a bathroom could be such a beautiful place?! The stadium you see is the Melbourne Cricket Ground. That is where the cricket and footy games take place. 

Earlier tonight, we had a knock on the door and it was a lady coming to collect our census. Since we just moved into our house, we had not received the papers, but don't you worry they made sure to leave one for us. Megan and I were super excited about it! It is so cool that we will count on an Australian Census. 

I joined Mocha Club tonight. Which is a Christian organization that sends money to help different project groups in Africa.

"Our Vision

Mocha Club is an online community of people giving up the cost of 2 mochas a month – or $7 – to fund relief and development projects in Africa. We work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Child Mothers + Women At Risk, Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children, and HIV/AIDS + Healthcare." (
I started a team for the Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children. You can join my team and donate $7 or more a month.  If anyone would like to join let me know! Here is my team link: Definitely checkout the website to find out more about the organization!

New Slang:
Toilet- which most people call the bathroom . "I'm going to the toilet" just sounds so weird. 
Roobs- Hicks
Tomato Sauce- Ketchup 
Bin- Trashcan

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