Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Ms. Abby, what does y'all mean?"

I started work this week! It has been so interesting getting used to the way the school system is here. I have really loved it so far!!
 Anzuk is the teaching agency that is finding me jobs each day. At Megan and I's first interview with them, they gave us all of this supplies. We are supposed to carry it all with us each day. 
Check out those hats!! We are required to wear them for yard duty during the first and third term. Right now we are in the second term. Thank goodness those hat can stay in our backpacks for a couple more weeks. 

 This little travel mug saves me each day! With coffee I can conquer every early morning and stressful tram ride. 
 South West Brunswick is the school I have taught at Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and then I will be there tomorrow. It is a ten minute walk from the place I am staying. Most schools will be around 30-70 minutes away. I really lucked out with having the place! 
 Here is the school!! I love it! Monday I taught art, which was interesting. I have never taken art, so I had no idea what to do. I ended up having each class draw and color a picture that related to a book that I read. You can never go wrong with coloring. On Tuesday, I taught a 3/4/5 grade class. I got lucky and the student teacher for the class was with me! He was able to explain the work the students needed to do. This was a class full of personality. I loved hearing their ideas for different activities and even their creative excuses for not working. Wednesday, I was at Preston West with a 1/2 grade. It was also a good school but I missed the comfortable feel of South West. Today and tomorrow I am with 3/4 again. It is different class but they are equally as fun. Tomorrow I am able to go on a field trip with them!! I think I am more excited than the students. We are going into the city to watch an play about "The Ugly Duckling." I mean I am a little nervous to be in charge of 24 students on trams and walking around the CDB (downtown). It should be a good day filled with great stories!

Things I have learned this week:
-If you ask a student to "put up" their computer, he/she will stare at you blankly then ask you why you want their computer in the air. Supposedly this is something only southern states say. Neither the Canadian student teacher or the Californian girls I'm staying with understood what it meant either. 
-When they ask for "textas" they want markers.
-If they are complaining that their friends are not sharing their "rubbers" they mean erasers. No reason to worry. 
-Most schools have the students call the teachers by their first name. I'm not Ms. Probst, I'm Abby. It's weird. 
-The schools I've been to do not have a cafeteria. The students bring their lunch to eat in the class or on the playground.
-At least once a week the teachers have morning tea. America needs this!! Kids have recess and the teachers hang out in the staff room with yummy goodies. 
-The students have no idea what catch a bubble, crisscross apple sauce, or ducktail means. ( I dont really know why I thought they would.) 
- If they continue to squeal, "Ms. I'm busting. I'm busting. Please, I'm busting!!!" let them go to the bathroom. 

Miss y'all!

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