Sunday, July 31, 2011

highlights from the weekend and some randoms.


Last week Megan and I started going to a church called City On A Hill. So to begin a great sunday, we went back this morning. The church has a solid community! I am very excited to get plugged into one of their Connect Groups (small groups). If you want to check the church out you can go to City On A Hill!

I also had a lovely skype date with Meggan, Chois, Forrest (all pictured) Kyle, Jason and Kami. It means the world to me to see each of your faces! If I haven't skyped you, message me!!
 I WANT TO TALK TO YOU:) please. 


 This sign is so intense!! I had to have a little spot for it on the blog!

Also, BE ALERT AROUND..........

THE TRAM. This isn't the best shot, but that's the front of a tram coming to pick us up. We ride them everyday!! There have been some pretty interesting stories that have come from a good tram ride.

Anyways, I am mainly blogging to tell everyone I should start my job tomorrow! So please be praying:) Oh and a little job description... I will be a CRT (substitute). The agency will either call me at night or in the morning to tell me a school that needs a sub. I will then take out my handy book of maps of the city and find the school. I could spend everyday at a different school or go to the same school for awhile. I don't  know exactly what to expect, but hopefully I'll find out tomorrow!

New Slang:
Bloke- Boy
Sheila- Girl
Chips- French Fries


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