Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Man's "Rubbish" is Another Man's Treasure.

It has been quite a fun last couple of days! Here are a few highlights:

Megan and I may still be homeless, but we found our first pieces of furniture on the side of the road last night. These three lovely chairs will hopefully soon have a cute table to go around and a kitchen to sit in, but until then we are making progress! We actually found a really cute house that we applied for early today so maybe my next blog will be informing y'all we got it!

 The Victoria State Library.
 Flinder Street Train Station

 I love the little people that tell you when to cross the street.
This is inside Melbourne Central which is a huge mall in the city.

We have spent a lot of time walking around the city! Those are a few places that we pass pretty much every day.

Bec (one of the Australian women we have met) gave us a list of her top ten favorite places/ things to do in Melbourne. On the list was Queen Victoria Market. These beautiful Aboriginal paintings were at the market. There were definitely tons of cool things all over!

New Slang:
Rubbish- Trash
Arvo- Afternoon
CRT- Substitute Teacher
The Woop Woop- The Boonies

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