Friday, July 29, 2011

MelRose. the little place we'll call home.

As we were walking around the suburb of Brunswick, we came across SAVERS. I am so thankful for a little taste of Lubbock in Melbourne. You can guarantee I will going there to find furniture and decorations and clothes and everything else I'm to poor to buy anywhere else!

 Yesterday we ate at a little cafe called Greens. This quickly moved to the top of my favorite places I have been to in Melbourne. It's a fun, trendy place with great coffee, wonderful food and awesome scenery.
 Drinking a latte at Greens was on Bec's Top Ten list. It was one of the best mocha lattes I have ever had. I will be going back frequently to try more things on the menu!! We have 8 more things to check off on her list!

 WE GOT A HOUSE! Wednesday we went to a house inspection and immediately fell in love. The agent could tell we were "super keen" about it so he drove us to his office to fill out the paper work! Megan and I patiently waited (or called three times a day) until he called back friday morning to tell us the owner accepted our application! We are able to move in July 6th. 
Many of the old houses here have names. We decided to shorten Melville Rose to MelRose.
This picture makes the house look a little ghett ghett, but it is absolutely adorable. It is two story with a lounge area, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom and bathroom downstairs and two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs! We will be living with two other girls, Sarah and Melanie. Sarah is a CRU intern from Australia and Melanie is a girl from Tennessee coming to do research. It is going to be a fun house!

I love you all heaps.


  1. what a CUTE house. plus, i love how small world feels bc of Campus Crusade for Christ! :)