Monday, September 26, 2011

falling in love with this city.

The schools are on a two week holiday starting today which means heaps of time for venturing around Melbourne. I have enjoyed living here the last two months but until these past few days, I did not understand why Melbourne was named The World's Most Livable City. (Don't just take my word for it read ABC News Melbourne Named Worlds Most Livable City. What What.) Here are some snapshots from a great couple days of exploring.
What does a flag really mean once you take all of the symbols and color away? That was the point the artist of this display was trying to get across. We still think flags are pretty cool, but we hung a flag to be a part of his artwork anyway. Melbourne always has different festivals going on. For the next couple of weeks, the Fringe Festival is taking place. This festival supports and explores the local independent  artist. This is one of the many things going on for the festival. 

 Hot wedding dress right?! This lovely bloke is celebrating his Buck Party. A buck party is what they do for their bachelor party. The men usually all dress up as the bride and bridesmaids and then have to parade around the city. It was explained to us that most grooms have to do something to earn money before the nights over. The girls bachelorette party is called a Hen's Night.  Silly stuff.

 Kinfolk is a fantastic nonprofit coffee shop/cafe in the city. Not only is it super cute but it also gives 100% of its proceeds to four different charities.The charities support: 1. literacy and education in Palm Island, 2. primary schools in Rwanda, 3.  anti-slavery in Ghana and 4. homeless in Melbourne. Every time you purchase something at Kinfolk, you get a coffee bean that you place in a jug that represents a charity. I chose to put my coffee bean in the Rwanda jug. Another awesome thing is that all of there workers are volunteer and most of the food and coffee is donated. I pray that although it is not a Christian organization, the Lord's name can still be glorified through these people being helped. 

There are some pretty awesome graffiti places in Melbourne. This little alleyway we found was completely covered in graffiti and to add a little something special, an artist had put up his photography everywhere and graffitied over it as well. It was definitely a fun find. Graffiti is art.

How fun are these beach houses? Brighton Beach is only a train ride from the city and the coast is lined with these colorful houses. I absolutely loved seeing them all!! 

This is only the beginning of our time off so be prepared for tons of new pictures and blog updates. 

heaps and heaps of love from the most livable city.  :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

"so netball isn't basketball?"

Megan, Melanie and I ventured to Geelong last weekend to watch our fourth housemate, Sarah, in her final netball game. If you are wondering what netball is, don't worry I am still kinda wondering. 

Each member has a certain job. Each job has a certain area that they can be in and things that they can do. Only a few girls can make the goals. Also, they don't dribble the ball.... And that's about all I can tell you.
    noun /ˈnetˌbôl/
    netballs, plural
    1. A game with seven players on a side, similar to basketball except that a player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player
      • The ball used in this game.                                                                                                     ,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8603e2d1663f9477&biw=1277&bih=593
    Pretty much a basketball goal with out the backboard. 

    Netball is mainly played by girls... Note those skirts. That's what all girl netball players wear. It is VERY different uniform than basketball. 

    I have been told that the pictures from my list of things I miss in America don't work. So here is the list:

    1. Low Prices
    2.College Football. Wreck 'Em.
    3.Hazelnut Coffee-Mate.
    6.Forever 21
    7.Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
    8. Tex-Mex
    9. A Dryer

    The list could probably continue but those were the things on my mind at the time. Some may be strange but I guess you can't help what you miss. ha.

    Well that was short and simple. I'll post more updates soon!

    heaps of love.

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Alright America, there are some things I miss about you.

    A few things I'm missing from the Land of The Free and Home of The Brave:

    imgres.jpg  It is absolutely so expensive here! I mean I heard that before I came but I never thought I would be paying $18 to see a movie or $13 on face wash. So ridiculous. 

    imgres.jpg  Seeing everyone's facebook statuses and tweets about the beginning of college football season, sure can make me wish I was at a game. A year without wearing my black and red, singing the matador song and dancing with the Goin' Band from Raiderland in the stands is going to be rough. Footy will have to do for now. 
    imgres.jpg What's a good cup of coffee without some hazelnut coffee- mate? The coffee is incredible here, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I could have some hazelnut creamer every morning, night and all the other times through out the day I have coffee.    

    imgres.jpeg Yes, I know this is such a weird thing to miss, but I DO. It was the best breakfast ever. Well I can't limit it to just breakfast. It was a staple for me. 

    imgres.jpg Don't judge! I love my Ovaltine. Milk disgust me but add a few scoops of this and I'll finish
    the whole cup. They actually do have "Ovaltine" here but its made from malt and absolutely horrible. I spent
     $7 on their so called ovaltine only to be disappointed. It's currently in the back corner of my cabinet where it will stay until moved to the bin.
    imgres.jpgWhere am I going to go for a cheap, last minute outfit? Or honestly, to fill my closet? There is no place near as cheap and cute on this continent.  
     imgres.jpgAmerica Runs On Dunkin' (Australia does not...). This is the best coffee to make at home. I have found a substitute here but it's just not the same. 
    imgres.jpg There is some great food here, but I can't help missing a great plate of Tex- Mex. This will probably be my first meal when I return.  
    imgres.jpg I took for granted the quickness of poppin' the clothes in the dryer and taking them out an hour later completely ready to be worn. Two days of leaving the clothes out to dry as taught me patients.   


    I also wanted to show y'all some of Melbourne's beauty.

    We had Thursday off work so we went exploring. The Shrine is memorial for people who have fought in a war for Australia. I love history so it was fun reading about the wars and stories of people involved. I really never hear much about Australia's part in wars, so it was interesting to see.

    After our history lesson, we went to the Botanic Gardens to have a picnic for lunch. There is nothing  better than enjoying the outdoors while having a pb&j.


    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    happy australian father's day! (and some footy.)

    It's Fathers's Day in Australia so I wanted to give a little shout out to the best daddy ever. Mine of course.:)

    Five things that make me miss and think of you the most:

    5. Emu Oil... your cure-all. Don't worry though, I found an Emu Oil lotion at Big W and bought it.
    (My skin should be in perfect condition when I return.)

    4. Hearing about the goats, cattle, peanuts... and all the rest of the farm business. Everyone has definitely come to realize I'm a small town, country girl.

    3. Your rough hands from working all day.

    2. Sunday mornings without your famous, yummy chocolate chip pancakes.

    1. The quirky things you find funny and the most perfect, heart-warming smile that comes when you laugh at your own joke.


    I went to my first footy game friday night! It's not near as incredible as a high school friday night or college game, but it was fun and won't be my last!

    The game is completely different than American Football. Honestly, I can't explain how to play it at all. It really just looked like a lot of chaos on the field and then someone would make a goal. I figured out enough to cheer at the rights times and know when we were doing well and scoring. However, there is no way I could tell you strategies, positions or plays.

    These scarves are a must have for the game. Pretty much everyone has one to support their team. The first week here I did some footy research and decided to go for the Geelong Cats. 1. They are cats. 2. Some of my friends are from Geelong. 3. Their colors are navy and white. and 4. They were #2 behind a really prideful, annoying team, Collingwood. So GO CATS!!

     This disgusting looking thing is a meat pie. Supposedly, eating a meat pie at a footy game is "one the of the most Aussie things you can do." So even though it took quite a bit of convincing to actually take a bite, I had to at least try it. The pie actually wasn't too bad, especially covered in tomato sauce.

      The game we went to was Collingwood, the #1 team, against Geelong, the #2 team. So it was an AWESOME game. The stadium was completely packed and everyone there was diehard fans for their team. It was a fun environment for my first footy game. Geelong ended up destroying Collingwood! The score was 143 to 53. WhooHoo. I picked the right team!!! After the game each team has their own song that they sing if they win. It was kinda cheesy but I enjoyed hearing it.

    "We are Geelong, the greatest team of all
    We are Geelong; we’re always on the ball
    We play the game as it should be played
    At home or far away
    Our banners fly high, from dawn to dark
    Down at Kardinia Park"

    So Go Cats. Reerr. Hiss.