Sunday, July 31, 2011

highlights from the weekend and some randoms.


Last week Megan and I started going to a church called City On A Hill. So to begin a great sunday, we went back this morning. The church has a solid community! I am very excited to get plugged into one of their Connect Groups (small groups). If you want to check the church out you can go to City On A Hill!

I also had a lovely skype date with Meggan, Chois, Forrest (all pictured) Kyle, Jason and Kami. It means the world to me to see each of your faces! If I haven't skyped you, message me!!
 I WANT TO TALK TO YOU:) please. 


 This sign is so intense!! I had to have a little spot for it on the blog!

Also, BE ALERT AROUND..........

THE TRAM. This isn't the best shot, but that's the front of a tram coming to pick us up. We ride them everyday!! There have been some pretty interesting stories that have come from a good tram ride.

Anyways, I am mainly blogging to tell everyone I should start my job tomorrow! So please be praying:) Oh and a little job description... I will be a CRT (substitute). The agency will either call me at night or in the morning to tell me a school that needs a sub. I will then take out my handy book of maps of the city and find the school. I could spend everyday at a different school or go to the same school for awhile. I don't  know exactly what to expect, but hopefully I'll find out tomorrow!

New Slang:
Bloke- Boy
Sheila- Girl
Chips- French Fries


Friday, July 29, 2011

MelRose. the little place we'll call home.

As we were walking around the suburb of Brunswick, we came across SAVERS. I am so thankful for a little taste of Lubbock in Melbourne. You can guarantee I will going there to find furniture and decorations and clothes and everything else I'm to poor to buy anywhere else!

 Yesterday we ate at a little cafe called Greens. This quickly moved to the top of my favorite places I have been to in Melbourne. It's a fun, trendy place with great coffee, wonderful food and awesome scenery.
 Drinking a latte at Greens was on Bec's Top Ten list. It was one of the best mocha lattes I have ever had. I will be going back frequently to try more things on the menu!! We have 8 more things to check off on her list!

 WE GOT A HOUSE! Wednesday we went to a house inspection and immediately fell in love. The agent could tell we were "super keen" about it so he drove us to his office to fill out the paper work! Megan and I patiently waited (or called three times a day) until he called back friday morning to tell us the owner accepted our application! We are able to move in July 6th. 
Many of the old houses here have names. We decided to shorten Melville Rose to MelRose.
This picture makes the house look a little ghett ghett, but it is absolutely adorable. It is two story with a lounge area, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom and bathroom downstairs and two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs! We will be living with two other girls, Sarah and Melanie. Sarah is a CRU intern from Australia and Melanie is a girl from Tennessee coming to do research. It is going to be a fun house!

I love you all heaps.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Man's "Rubbish" is Another Man's Treasure.

It has been quite a fun last couple of days! Here are a few highlights:

Megan and I may still be homeless, but we found our first pieces of furniture on the side of the road last night. These three lovely chairs will hopefully soon have a cute table to go around and a kitchen to sit in, but until then we are making progress! We actually found a really cute house that we applied for early today so maybe my next blog will be informing y'all we got it!

 The Victoria State Library.
 Flinder Street Train Station

 I love the little people that tell you when to cross the street.
This is inside Melbourne Central which is a huge mall in the city.

We have spent a lot of time walking around the city! Those are a few places that we pass pretty much every day.

Bec (one of the Australian women we have met) gave us a list of her top ten favorite places/ things to do in Melbourne. On the list was Queen Victoria Market. These beautiful Aboriginal paintings were at the market. There were definitely tons of cool things all over!

New Slang:
Rubbish- Trash
Arvo- Afternoon
CRT- Substitute Teacher
The Woop Woop- The Boonies

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tim Tam

Well, I discovered my Australian addiction... TIM TAMS. If these are anywhere in the States everyone needs to jump on them fast. You will definitely thank me later!!

Also, WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE??? AND WHY DO THEY EAT THEM?? I literally nearly fell to the ground laughing/ gagging the first time I saw them. Needless to say, I have not tried them yet and haven't decided if I will.

(Nina, Michelle, Megan and I) These are my housemates until Megan and I have our own house.  They are such awesome girls!! We had a little Christmas in July party last night with the CRU people! (note the green and red attire).  Anyways, that's a little update from yesterday.


Friday, July 22, 2011


I am here! It has been a fun past couple of days! We arrived at the airport at 9am Thursday morning, which is 6pm for y'all. As soon as we arrived, we went through customs for about two hours and then went to baggage claims. After standing and watching all the bags go by for about 15 minutes, we discovered ours didn't make the flight. So up until last night at 11, we had been wearing the same stinky clothes. Great first way to make friends. We then decided it would be a good idea to see if we had a place to stay so we called Mike ( the CRU director of the Universities in Melbourne). He found us a place for the first couple of nights! We took a taxi to his house( on the wrong side of the road) and then he drove us to our temporary home. The two girls we are staying with are CRU interns from California. It has been such a blessing being able to stay at their apartment free and being able to get to know people through them! Since being here we have explored Melbourne by riding the tram different places and going on long walks. It has been an incredible trip so far and I know it will only get better! I will keep y'all updated on housing and the job as soon as I know anything!!

( I will have better pictures soon!!)

New Slang:
Lollies- Candy
Mackers- McDonalds
Takeaway- To Go
Scratchies- Scratch Offs
Good on you! -Good for you!
Give Way- Yield
Brekkie- Breakfast
CBD- Downtown
The also say "No worries" and "heaps" a lot!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well Today Is The Day.

I am boarding the plane to Australia in less than 5 hours!! WHOA!!
I am so thankful for these last two weeks and the time I have been able to spend with all of my friends and family. Each one of you means the world to me and I can't wait to see your faces over skype!

I love all of y'all!! (pictured or not):):):)