Monday, September 26, 2011

falling in love with this city.

The schools are on a two week holiday starting today which means heaps of time for venturing around Melbourne. I have enjoyed living here the last two months but until these past few days, I did not understand why Melbourne was named The World's Most Livable City. (Don't just take my word for it read ABC News Melbourne Named Worlds Most Livable City. What What.) Here are some snapshots from a great couple days of exploring.
What does a flag really mean once you take all of the symbols and color away? That was the point the artist of this display was trying to get across. We still think flags are pretty cool, but we hung a flag to be a part of his artwork anyway. Melbourne always has different festivals going on. For the next couple of weeks, the Fringe Festival is taking place. This festival supports and explores the local independent  artist. This is one of the many things going on for the festival. 

 Hot wedding dress right?! This lovely bloke is celebrating his Buck Party. A buck party is what they do for their bachelor party. The men usually all dress up as the bride and bridesmaids and then have to parade around the city. It was explained to us that most grooms have to do something to earn money before the nights over. The girls bachelorette party is called a Hen's Night.  Silly stuff.

 Kinfolk is a fantastic nonprofit coffee shop/cafe in the city. Not only is it super cute but it also gives 100% of its proceeds to four different charities.The charities support: 1. literacy and education in Palm Island, 2. primary schools in Rwanda, 3.  anti-slavery in Ghana and 4. homeless in Melbourne. Every time you purchase something at Kinfolk, you get a coffee bean that you place in a jug that represents a charity. I chose to put my coffee bean in the Rwanda jug. Another awesome thing is that all of there workers are volunteer and most of the food and coffee is donated. I pray that although it is not a Christian organization, the Lord's name can still be glorified through these people being helped. 

There are some pretty awesome graffiti places in Melbourne. This little alleyway we found was completely covered in graffiti and to add a little something special, an artist had put up his photography everywhere and graffitied over it as well. It was definitely a fun find. Graffiti is art.

How fun are these beach houses? Brighton Beach is only a train ride from the city and the coast is lined with these colorful houses. I absolutely loved seeing them all!! 

This is only the beginning of our time off so be prepared for tons of new pictures and blog updates. 

heaps and heaps of love from the most livable city.  :)

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