Sunday, October 2, 2011

satisfying that sweet tooth.

We have spent part of this break checking off more of the items on Bec's Top Ten list. Luckily some of the places have made lollies and chocs (candy and chocolate). Yum yum yum.

Haigh's has all kinds of chocolate candies. The best part about this place is that every time you buy something they give you a piece or two of chocolate free. Yes Please!!! Also they have panda stuff all over the store. They knew exactly how to get straight to my heart.

After getting our chocolate fix, we went to Suga to watch them make lollies. It was so awesome. They started with huge pieces and by the end it was tiny dime size candy. The one they were making that day was for a wedding. I couldn't ever figure out how the words were on the inside of the pieces but it looked great! So congrats Lou and Pat.

We took a sweets break and went to the museums and then ended the day with more chocolate. Who could resist all of that yummy goodness? Max Brenner has tons of chocolate options like chocolate covered waffles, hot chocolate, ice cream and chocolate syrup, etc. It was hard to choose! We both decided on a Suckao. This is your own personalized chocolate shot. You are given a cup of milk with a candle under it to keep it warm and then chocolate pieces to melt in the milk. You can make the shot as sweet as you want. Of course I added pretty much all of my chocolate! There was no way I was going to taste the milk. The last picture is what they get their chocolate from. There are pipes that carry the chocolate from those barrels to the kitchen and back counter where they prepared the desserts. I'm glad this place isn't super close to my house or I would be there WAY too often. 

Other things:

-The Geelong Cats won the Footy Grand Final Saturday. WhooHoo!! It was a great day to be a cats fan.

-Daylights Savings time started here today. I now have a 16 hour time difference from Texas.

- One week left of our break! YEAHHH.


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