Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Puffying Billy and the Dandenong Ranges

Megan and I have been wanting to ride a train somewhere since we have been in Australia. So when we heard about Puffying Billy, we didn't hesitate to plan our trip. It was cute as! 

If you can't read the hat, it says he is the Head Conductor. Isn't he precious? There were tons of little old men that worked at the different train stations on the trip. I would think they would get sick of doing the same thing every day, but they smiled and were cheery the whole time. :)

Everyone sat on the window seal of the train and hung there feet over the edge for the trip.

The view through the Dandenong Ranges was completely green! There were pretty trees and lakes

and pastures and hills

and flowers. With the sun shining, it was the prefect day to be outdoors. 

When we got to the Lakeside Station, which is where we decided to get off and explore, we spotted paddle boats. Of course we immediately went and got on one. Let me tell you, that was one good leg work out!
After we paddled around the lake, we went on a hike in the mountains. We found a huge log to sit and have lunch. As we ate, we watch the train pass by. Everyone on the train waved to us. Even the sweet conductors. 

I had been aching to be outdoors away from the city and this was the perfect way. 

Aussie Slang: 
(I actually can't remember if I have shared this with y'all before)

Sweet as, Cute as, Lame as, Hot as- Pretty much any word with "as" at the end means that it is "So_____(that word)".   


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