Monday, October 24, 2011

Bringing a bit of Halloween to Australia.

It may be October and the time of year that houses are decorated with pumpkins, costumes are being created and candy is being taken off the store shelves faster than ever, but not in Australia. Halloween is something that "America does really big." I was super disappointed when I heard this! I really love halloween. So we decided to bring some halloween tradition to Melville Road (the street we all live on).

It was fantastic. The season may be spring here, but it was a night that felt just like fall. We made cider, carved pumpkins, listened to Thriller and roasted pumpkin seeds. A great night of fun. 

Our roommate Sarah had never carved pumpkins before. Actually, I don't think she even had a clue what we were talking about at first. Once we started though, she greatly enjoyed it. But honestly, who wouldn't? 

The pumpkins were $4/ kg. So expensive!! We decided to just get two to carve as a group. Each pumpkin ended up being around $20! Some may say that's not worth it, but I would highly disagree. ha.
This was our Australia pumpkin. The star formation on the side is called the Southern Cross. You are only able to see it in the Southern Hemisphere and it is on the Australian flag.  

Make sure you all enjoy Halloween!!! We will be missing it here!

Also, there is a show called X-Factor that we watch every monday night. It is kinda like The Voice, I think. Anyways, the theme of the show tonight was all big Australian songs. I wanted to give y'all the playlist incase you want to add some Aussie music to your ipod. :)

*Throw Your Arms Around Me- Hunters and Collectors
*Lost Without You- Delta Goodrem
*You're The Voice- John Farnham (Ya know... like off of Hot Rod?!)
*Flame Trees- Cold Chisel (also look up Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel its supposedly a huge Aussie fave)
*Fall At Your Feet- Crowded House
*Weir- Killing Heidi
*Joker & The Thief- Wolf Mother

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