Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the World's most scenic coastal drives! 
Luckily for us it is along Victoria, the state Melbourne is in. It was awesome as.  

We started in Geelong and made Anglesea our first stop. I LOVE ANGLESEA. I would definitely want to live there. It is such a cute town with a very alternative, granola feel. The town was hosting a Music Festival so for our first stop we went to a coffee shop that had live music! Doesn't it sound like my type of town?

Next we went to the town golf course to see the kangaroos. There are over a 1,000 kangaroos that live on the golf course, so you are always guaranteed to see a few. Look at those cool golfers just walking through the kangaroos as they're about to go play. 

Anglesea is also known for it's lighthouse.  We knew we had picked the right way to spend our saturday when we saw this view!

Following Anglesea was the actual sign to enter the Great Ocean Road. Whoo hoo!

Both of these signs were all over the drive. 

Along the drive there were tons of surf breaks. This one was located on the coast of the town Wye River. There were a few surfers getting their gear together while we were there. 

The big sight of the trip was the Twelve Apostles. There are now only 8 of the rock formations but it was still beautiful! 

A little past the Twelve Apostles, was this cave. I can't actually remember the name of it but it was cool. 

We found some rock to climb on and were able to witness some HUGE waves. However, around this time it started pouring down rain which cut our trip a little short. 

We decided to drive to the nearest town, Port Campbell. We had heard about an great ice cream place from some friends so that was of course the first place Meggan and I went to! I got  Baileys and Scorched Almond ice cream. Easily the best ice cream I've ever had. 

We will definitely make the drive again to see all of the things we missed, but for now it was a fantastic day. 


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