Friday, September 9, 2011

Alright America, there are some things I miss about you.

A few things I'm missing from the Land of The Free and Home of The Brave:

imgres.jpg  It is absolutely so expensive here! I mean I heard that before I came but I never thought I would be paying $18 to see a movie or $13 on face wash. So ridiculous. 

imgres.jpg  Seeing everyone's facebook statuses and tweets about the beginning of college football season, sure can make me wish I was at a game. A year without wearing my black and red, singing the matador song and dancing with the Goin' Band from Raiderland in the stands is going to be rough. Footy will have to do for now. 
imgres.jpg What's a good cup of coffee without some hazelnut coffee- mate? The coffee is incredible here, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I could have some hazelnut creamer every morning, night and all the other times through out the day I have coffee.    

imgres.jpeg Yes, I know this is such a weird thing to miss, but I DO. It was the best breakfast ever. Well I can't limit it to just breakfast. It was a staple for me. 

imgres.jpg Don't judge! I love my Ovaltine. Milk disgust me but add a few scoops of this and I'll finish
the whole cup. They actually do have "Ovaltine" here but its made from malt and absolutely horrible. I spent
 $7 on their so called ovaltine only to be disappointed. It's currently in the back corner of my cabinet where it will stay until moved to the bin.
imgres.jpgWhere am I going to go for a cheap, last minute outfit? Or honestly, to fill my closet? There is no place near as cheap and cute on this continent.  
 imgres.jpgAmerica Runs On Dunkin' (Australia does not...). This is the best coffee to make at home. I have found a substitute here but it's just not the same. 
imgres.jpg There is some great food here, but I can't help missing a great plate of Tex- Mex. This will probably be my first meal when I return.  
imgres.jpg I took for granted the quickness of poppin' the clothes in the dryer and taking them out an hour later completely ready to be worn. Two days of leaving the clothes out to dry as taught me patients.   


I also wanted to show y'all some of Melbourne's beauty.

We had Thursday off work so we went exploring. The Shrine is memorial for people who have fought in a war for Australia. I love history so it was fun reading about the wars and stories of people involved. I really never hear much about Australia's part in wars, so it was interesting to see.

After our history lesson, we went to the Botanic Gardens to have a picnic for lunch. There is nothing  better than enjoying the outdoors while having a pb&j.


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