Monday, September 19, 2011

"so netball isn't basketball?"

Megan, Melanie and I ventured to Geelong last weekend to watch our fourth housemate, Sarah, in her final netball game. If you are wondering what netball is, don't worry I am still kinda wondering. 

Each member has a certain job. Each job has a certain area that they can be in and things that they can do. Only a few girls can make the goals. Also, they don't dribble the ball.... And that's about all I can tell you.
    noun /ˈnetˌbôl/
    netballs, plural
    1. A game with seven players on a side, similar to basketball except that a player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player
      • The ball used in this game.                                                                                                     ,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8603e2d1663f9477&biw=1277&bih=593
    Pretty much a basketball goal with out the backboard. 

    Netball is mainly played by girls... Note those skirts. That's what all girl netball players wear. It is VERY different uniform than basketball. 

    I have been told that the pictures from my list of things I miss in America don't work. So here is the list:

    1. Low Prices
    2.College Football. Wreck 'Em.
    3.Hazelnut Coffee-Mate.
    6.Forever 21
    7.Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
    8. Tex-Mex
    9. A Dryer

    The list could probably continue but those were the things on my mind at the time. Some may be strange but I guess you can't help what you miss. ha.

    Well that was short and simple. I'll post more updates soon!

    heaps of love.

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