Saturday, September 3, 2011

happy australian father's day! (and some footy.)

It's Fathers's Day in Australia so I wanted to give a little shout out to the best daddy ever. Mine of course.:)

Five things that make me miss and think of you the most:

5. Emu Oil... your cure-all. Don't worry though, I found an Emu Oil lotion at Big W and bought it.
(My skin should be in perfect condition when I return.)

4. Hearing about the goats, cattle, peanuts... and all the rest of the farm business. Everyone has definitely come to realize I'm a small town, country girl.

3. Your rough hands from working all day.

2. Sunday mornings without your famous, yummy chocolate chip pancakes.

1. The quirky things you find funny and the most perfect, heart-warming smile that comes when you laugh at your own joke.


I went to my first footy game friday night! It's not near as incredible as a high school friday night or college game, but it was fun and won't be my last!

The game is completely different than American Football. Honestly, I can't explain how to play it at all. It really just looked like a lot of chaos on the field and then someone would make a goal. I figured out enough to cheer at the rights times and know when we were doing well and scoring. However, there is no way I could tell you strategies, positions or plays.

These scarves are a must have for the game. Pretty much everyone has one to support their team. The first week here I did some footy research and decided to go for the Geelong Cats. 1. They are cats. 2. Some of my friends are from Geelong. 3. Their colors are navy and white. and 4. They were #2 behind a really prideful, annoying team, Collingwood. So GO CATS!!

 This disgusting looking thing is a meat pie. Supposedly, eating a meat pie at a footy game is "one the of the most Aussie things you can do." So even though it took quite a bit of convincing to actually take a bite, I had to at least try it. The pie actually wasn't too bad, especially covered in tomato sauce.

  The game we went to was Collingwood, the #1 team, against Geelong, the #2 team. So it was an AWESOME game. The stadium was completely packed and everyone there was diehard fans for their team. It was a fun environment for my first footy game. Geelong ended up destroying Collingwood! The score was 143 to 53. WhooHoo. I picked the right team!!! After the game each team has their own song that they sing if they win. It was kinda cheesy but I enjoyed hearing it.

"We are Geelong, the greatest team of all
We are Geelong; we’re always on the ball
We play the game as it should be played
At home or far away
Our banners fly high, from dawn to dark
Down at Kardinia Park"

So Go Cats. Reerr. Hiss. 

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