Friday, August 12, 2011

our home.

This is my room! It's slowly but surely coming together! Most everything is the cheapest way I could do it! The pictures are on pieces of twine. The mattress and the headboard were some of the things we found on the side of the road. The bedding is all from Big W ( kinda like Walmart but less cheap and less awesome). I bought the books for 20 cents each at an Op Shop (thrift store) which I'm using to make a bedside table.And thats my open closet. Wardrobes were way too expensive and so this is what I found. I am using lace curtains as the doors for my room. I think all of the openness and lack of privacy will help hold me accountable to keep my room clean. Everyone probably knows how bad I need to be held accountable for that. :/

Here are a few little snapshots of the house. How completely awesome is it that we have stained glass windows on our front door!? I think one of my favorite parts of the house is the balcony and the fact that its right outside my bedroom!!

Megan, Sarah and I had a houseWARMing party last night. We decided to bring a little summer to MelRose so everyone dressed summer attire. I took it as an excuse to throw on nike shorts and of course chacos. We had fun hanging out and jamming to some beach boys, california girls, summer lovin'... ya know all of the best summer music! The picture is some of the girls that came to the party (Bess, Michelle, Emily, Sarah and me)
Summer isn't complete without some ice cream with SPRINKLES!


  1. Please tell me yall made the ice cream yourselves!

  2. hahaha. oh man good memories!! we didn't but i will definitely introduce them to that fun experience.