Friday, August 26, 2011

Vegemite and Kangaroo.

Megan and I are probably two of the pickiest eaters, but surprisingly we enjoyed these typical Aussie foods.  

We tried Vegemite and unexpectedly liked it! It is super salty but if you put just a little bit of it on toast or crackers it taste really good! The mistake most people make is using a lot like peanut butter instead of just a little layer like butter. 

Well, we also tried kangaroo. Some of the girls down the street love kangaroo burgers so we decided we would have a girls night with kangaroo burgers and cider. 

It actually took me awhile to take a bite of my burger. I would pick it up, put it close to my mouth and then put it down again. When I eventually took a bite (which had to be documented), I really liked the kangaroo. However, when I thought about what I was eating it kinda grossed me out. The moment someone would say kangaroo, I would gag a little bit. It's something I will probably eat again but it might take me awhile to get over the fact that its kangaroo meat. The weirdest part about it is that the meat is really red even after being cooked. I'm not one to eat rare beef and that's what it looked like. It's definitely not the most appealing thing to eat.  So I guess if I don't look at the meat or think about what it is, I will enjoy eating kangaroo. ha.


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