Monday, December 12, 2011

summer summer summer!!!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I promise I'll do better with this blog from now on. (New Year's Resolution perhaps?)ha.

Well it's officially SUMMER in Australia. Their seasons change on the first of the month so December 1st marked the first day of summer. The weather so far has been pretty cold though. However, we have seen some hot days which have led to some great summer fun!

We have spent time on rooftops celebrating birthdays.

 Melanie, Megan and I at the Rooftop bar for Emily's birthday. We enjoyed the beautiful, sunny day.

I got a bike just in time for great exploring weather. I've already found some great biking paths. I will take pictures and blog about them soon!

The most fun part of the season change so far has been seeing all of the Christmas stuff out and it being hot.

The decorations still look just the same as decoration in America. EXCEPT we get to walk around in shorts when we look at them! Whoo Hoo!! I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather. 

It cracks me up that they use fake snow. haha 

I found this book at one of the schools this past week. It's probably one of the first Aussie, summer Christmas things I have seen!

   Later  that day at the same school, we had to practice Christmas Carols for a performance the school was putting on.  They sang the same songs we do with maybe a few little changes such as...

"Rocking around the Christmas Tree 
Let the Christmas Spirit ring 
Later we'll have A BARBECUE  ( instead of some pumpkin pie)
and we'll do some caroling "

I found it funny they changed those words and not any of the words about snow in the other songs. ha. 

Summer/ Christmas Slang:

Sunnies- Sunglasses
Sunbake- Layout, tan.
Bathers- Swimsuit
Chrissy- Christmas
Kris Kringle-  Secret Santa.

I also wanted to say a little goodbye to some of our incredible American friends that left this past weekend! We were so lucky to get here and immediately be surrounded by community. All of the girls in this picture made us feel welcome and comfortable right away! Thank you girls. Love you dearly.

The four girls to the left of me went back to the states! Nina (not pictured) did as well a few weeks ago. Luckily Nina and Catherine (black dress/red necklace) will be back in January and Michelle(yellow dress) will hopefully be moving to Texas! 


p.s.  Less than a month until I am back in the Lone Star State for a bit.:)


  1. There's five girls to your left silly. and 15 days!!! woot woot!

  2. glad you are enjoying! but we are looking forward to you being back in texas. love you! soon! :)